Continental Ltd has its headquarters in Petrich, Bulgaria. This specific factory performs through 2 production lines for tops and 2 production lines for bottoms. The area of Petrich is vital for Continental, because there are other production facilities which contribute in the final production such as Laundries, Printing Houses, Embroideries and many others. Geographically speaking Petrich is located 120klm away from Thessaloniki International Port and 300klm from Turkey, facts that help our company to stay connected through transportation channels. In addition, there is also another factory of Continental Ltd which is located in Kardzali, Bulgaria where, the quality controlling, finishing, packaging and warehouse are being performed. Continental Ltd works closely with another affiliate company in Romania. New Panorea is a big industrial facility in Turnu Magurele near Romanian- Bulgarian borders with over 350 people working there. There are 8 production lines for tops and full specialized personnel for any kind of tops quality. At last, we work closely with another affiliate factory in Bangladesh. Bellisima is medium size factory for Bangladesh standards with over 600 workers in 5 lines exclusively for bottoms qualities such as Chinos and Five-Pockets.